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School dress-codes can be such double standards!


School dress-codes can be such double standards!

There will be no mass-based feminist movement as long as feminist ideas are understood only by a well-educated few
Bell Hooks in Educating Women: A Feminist Agenda

Hooks, B (2000) ‘Educating Women: A Feminist Agenda’, Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center. Pluto Press: United Kingdom.  (via feministshitcosmosays)



Pulled a fast one on us 8 year-olds,

it kind of amuses me when you see this sort of thing in childrens shows and people are like “wow how is this for kids”
but like, dont you think they are thinking specifically about how their audience are kids when they choose to teach them things like this. their youngness is very important. they put important little tidbits like this in kids shows BECAUSE they are kids.

El pasado 1 de septiembre cuatro ciudadanos de la etnia asháninca fueron asesinados en la frontera de la selva amazónica entre Perú con Brasil. Uno de ellos había sido amenazado el año pasado por denunciar, con pruebas, la tala ilegal de madera en su comunidad, ubicada en el departamento de Ucayali, en la zona oriental de Perú. Una batalla que se prolonga desde hace años. El Organismo de Supervisión de los Recursos Forestales y de Fauna Silvestre (Osinfor), la entidad que supervisa la extracción en el 32% del área total de bosques amazónicos, estima que entre 2009 y 2013 la extracción ilegal ascendió a más de 31 millones de dólares. La Interpol, sin embargo, indica que el país pierde unos 250 millones anuales por ese delito; es decir, 1.5 veces de lo que obtiene la industria legal.

“No se ha conocido responsables, no hubo interés del Estado en hacer una investigación”, indica Ruth Buendía, presidenta de la principal organización de la etnia asháninca, refiriéndose al asesinato en 2013 del jefe nativo Mauro Pío, amenazado por madereros ilegales en la selva central peruana. La comunidad de Pío, Nuevo Amanecer Hawai, estaba superpuesta a una concesión forestal de la empresa Balarín que el Gobierno suspendió después del asesinato del líder. En 2012, un informe de Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) demostró que el sistema de concesiones en Perú es corrupto y opera con información falsa, incluso cuando se trata de la exportación a EE UU de especies protegidas internacionalmente, como el cedro y la caoba.


I cannot recommend this video enough. This woman breaks it down perfectly.

The Stories That Europe Tells Itself About Its Colonial History

by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

“She said once she was shocked that her son while being taught Belgian history, was taught nothing about Congo. She said “They teach my son in school that he must help the poor Africans, but they don’t teach him about what Belgium did in Congo.” Of course, all countries are evasive about the past for which they feel ashamed, but I was shocked by what seemed to me not evasiveness but an erasure of history

If her son doesn’t learn that the modern Congo State began a hundred years ago as the personal property of a Belgian king, who was desperate to get wealthy from ivory and rubber, if her son doesn’t learn that the hands of Congolese people were chopped off for not producing enough resources to meet the king’s greed, if her son doesn’t learn that the Belgian government later led Congo with a deliberate emphasis on not producing an educated class, so that Congolese could become clerks and mechanics but couldn’t go to university, if her son doesn’t learn that more recently, even though it was the Americans who installed the Mobutu dictatorship, Belgium was a major force behind the scenes propping him up, if this young Belgian boy, knows nothing about these incidents, then, at some point, they would perhaps no longer have happened because the past after all is the past because we collectively acknowledged that it is so. 

This young Belgian boy would grow up to see Africa only as a place that requires his aid, his help, his charity with no complications for him. A place that can help him show how compassionate he can be, and most of all, a place whose present has no connection to Europe. 

It is not that Europe has denied its colonial history. Instead, Europe has developed a way of telling the story of its colonial history that ultimately seeks to erase that history”










love seeing women not turning on each other when it’s a man cheating

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When you come out as trans, people sometimes take a while to adjust to your new pronouns, or don’t quite understand.

So we launched a new campaign to help! An article that introduces the topic, a video with a rundown from trans young people, and a web app where you can learn and practice pronouns!

Here’s our easy way to help your friends and family get your pronouns right and understand why it’s important.

When a white teenager named Steve Lohner was stopped by the police last month and refused to show his ID after carrying a loaded shotgun on the streets of Aurora, Colorado (the same city where a mass murderer killed 12 people and injured 70 others in a packed movie theater in July 2012), the teen walked away with nothing but a citation.

But when a 22-year-old black kid named John Crawford picked up a mere BB gun in a Walmart store in Dayton, Ohio last week, customers called the police, who then shot and killed him.

Here lies a racial disparity that’s difficult for honest people to ignore. How can black people openly carry a real gun when we can’t even pick up a BB gun in a store without arousing suspicion? The answer in America is that the Second Amendment doesn’t really apply to black people.

Keith Boykin, "Does the Second Amendment Only Apply to White People?" (via holygoddamnshitballs)

True, anyone who’s been paying attention knows this. The only time you can get gun control passed in this country is when politicians start seeing POC walking around freely with guns.

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Arsenal <3